Key benefits
  • security
  • no lost messages
  • no attachment size limits
  • no spam
  • conversation threads
  • chat like messaging
  • data backup
  • no installation needed
Small video screenshot

Welcome to Cryptowords

Cryptowords is a secure communication platform similar to emails. The difference is that all data (message subject, text and attachments) are encrypted at client side before they are sent and they can be decrypted only by user secret password.

This mechanism ensures that a communication content remains confidential during transport between recipients as well as during storage. According to this, even we as a service provider are not able to read your data in any way.

Cryptowords client-server diagram

Cryptowords ensures secure exchange/storage of private information in contrast to standard email services where your data are transmitted and stored in plain format what enables third parties (email service providers, criminals, security services, ...) to monitor your communication. I fact emails are as private and secure as letters sent in opened envelopes.

In contrast to a current trend of loosing privacy we are protecting it.

Cryptowords is implemented fully in Java 1.6 using AES 128(256)/RSA 1024bit encryption. Cryptowords client software is deployed as Java applet and thus no local installation is needed.